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Friday, May 16, 2008

You're In The Right Place...

A fellow waiting China Mommy worked on blinging out my blog a little for me in honor of spring time. I am not very good at that kind of thing, but hope to get better at it soon. I think I would love to do things like that with my blog as well as digital scrapbooking too. I hope I learn soon. Right now I want to learn how to have music playing when others open up my blog. I am so not electronically inclined. So, thanks Sara for making my blog a little prettier!

Today was so beautiful weather wise here! A friend of mine & I took her two boys, got some lunch & went to a local state park & had a picnic. Then, we let the boys play on the playground there while we visited & enjoyed the wonderful weather & some good company. Then, we went to a garage sale & found some bargains. I found lots of eighteen month old clothes items; most with the tags still on & lots of name brands such as Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, Children's Place etc. So cute! Plus, I purchased a book that their grandparents had brought them back froma trip they had taken to China! It is a children's book with letters, common words & phrases. It has a photo of the item & then it is written out in English & then translated in Chinese; the woman told me the dialect, but now I can't remember. Irregardless, I was very pleased. I got the whole bag of clothes & the book for $7.50! I love bargains! Tomorrow, another friend of mine who is expecting her first little bundle of joy (CONGRATULATIONS KRISTIN!) & I are going on a garage sale adventure in the morning. We will have lots of chatting, find some great bargains no doubt & maybe enjoy some breakfast. It will be a nice girl's morning out for us!

Thomas & I made a big purchase the other day. We purchased a new riding lawn mower & a weedeater. We are very pleased with them both. For now, it is fun mowing as it is like having a new toy, but I am sure that will wear off sooner than later & we will not be as excited as we are now to mow.

Today "Emma" is one month old. It seems to me that she should be so much older. I can hardly even comprehend that we have only been home for about three weeks. I don't really know why that is...the only thing I can figure is that every day that she is not with me feels like an eternity, like a lifetime. Maybe that is why it seems so, so long ago. I pray that she is getting all that she needs & that she is thriving, happy & healthy. I miss her so much I ache.


Journey to Mia said...

shoot - I forgot about the music!
I'll get it.

Brandi said...

Your blog looks great! Tell Sara she did a great job!