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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Am So Proud Of Myself!

A friend of mine recently helped me bling my blog out a little for spring. She said that she just couldn't stand all of the white anymore! :) As I have said before doing things like "blinging out my blog" & digital scrap booking are both things that I really want to learn to do.

Well, last night I took a stab at trying to get music on my blog & as you can see I did it! I must say I was & am pretty impressed with myself. I am not electronically inclined so it felt like quite an accomplishment. I kept closing out my blog & reopening it to hear the music start up. I was so silly clapping my hands & praising myself. Thomas was laughing at me, but agreed that it was very cool.

I added a few songs that are very special & inspirational for me & I added some that I just heard recently & have been enjoying. I will change the play list from time to time as my mood changes & different things are going on in my life. You can click on any tune to hear a different song on the list. Just use the scroll bar on the right of the music list to move the listing up & down to reveal more tunes too. Impressive, huh? HA! Not really, but I am just very pleased with myself that I figured it out. (Oh & if the music is distracting to you, in the left corner of the music box there is place to click on & stop it from playing. It is the first little box right under the pic of the album cover.) I will very soon be trying to "bling out my blog" in other ways too. Stay tuned...

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