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Monday, February 23, 2009

Nadya Suleman & the fourteen children...

I posted this in another forum & just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject on my blog as well.

Here is the thing~a person that is mentally unstable can not be held accountable for their actions. Even in a court of law, this is not legal if the person is deemed to not be mentally stable. It is clear that the mother is not in her right mind. The reason that she did this she stated herself on the interview that she did on live television. However, there are millions of woman all over the world who "collect" children to fill an emotional need within themselves. They just happen to be women who can get pregnant on their own & have one child at a time so there is no media frenzy & we don't hear about it as we did in this case. These women are too most often jobless, on government assistance & not mentally always all with it. However, they don't get this attention because they have one or maybe two at a time. My question is, what is at the root of the anger that is being shown by everyone? Is it that she had all of these children, is it that she can't care for them appropriately financially or emotionally, or are we really angry at someone who mentally is unstable-I would think if so, then that makes us a little crazy. Let's look at John & Kate Plus Eight, or the Duggar Family who have EIGHTEEN children & still going...my point, no one is angered at them. Yes, they are supporting their families~but, be assured that they are doing just that with in fact money that they are making from book deals, television shows & the like that only exist due to the fact that they have all of these children. My point is that our anger, frustration & disappointment needs to be redirected. The physician is where we need to focus the attention. Nadya Suleman could not have become pregnant the first or the second time without the assistance of a Reproductive Endocrinologist. He takes an oath, he is suppose to be mentally stable~he, the doctor was suppose to protect his patient from making a poor choice if he saw that mentally she was unable to make an appropriate decision on her own behalf! He should have went to the court system for an order to have her evaluated. She did already have six children in the home. & what about her parents? They are now appearing on Oprah. Really? I mean, her father discussed her mental state on Oprah. Why in the heck didn't he go to a judge to get an order to have her evaluated? They lived with them! Was he or the grandmother, if so concerned about her mental state, at any time concerned about the care of the six initial children. My point~this is not Nadya's total fault. She is sick. No different than a drug addict, a food addict, a gambling addict~she was just addicted to having kids. She felt like she had to have more. It is very unfortunate that there was a specialist out there that was willing to help her do it. Now, the problem is a different one. QUIT focusing on what happened. It happened, it's over~The reality is that there are now fourteen children who are going to need to be cared for. Now, the focus should shift to how that is going to be accomplished. & let me just add~I am not thrilled. I myself have struggled with YEARS of infertility, a miscarriage, TWO failed domestic adoptions (the last of which the baby was taken back from us after four days) & have been in line to adopt from China for nineteen months~a process that was initially only suppose to take 9-13 months~so, believe me when I say that one woman who can't care for them having 14 kids doesn't thrill me, but I am really confused at the media & the public for most of their thoughts on this subject.