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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well, the big "Survivor China" debut is now over & I am not yet sure what to think. I liked the fact that they showed bits & pieces of the culture & scenery & they they are including different aspects of Chinese symbolism, I hope we see more of all of that. I did enjoy those elements a lot. This season itself; the cast, oh my! I am not sure what to think after only an hour, but I will say that I am not thrilled with who they chose to eliminate this first round. Personally, I wanted Ashley to be voted off. I understand that she was ill the one day, but just overall, she was my least favorite as far as a being a team player". Over all, I think that thus far I find myself rooting for the red team. Time will tell though. It is a little early at this point to decide. I also was immediately not a fan of Courtney; the waitress from New York. I found her to be disrespectful walking into the opening ceremony rolling her eyes & her actions were very disrespectful in the temple! Not to mention her poor attitude & immediately speaking hatefully of her teammates!Also, Leslie; I think that is her name, the Christian Radio Host, I also was a little taken back by her response in the temple. I understand her concern about praying to other God's, I am a Christian as well & have her same belief in regards to praying to other Gods, however, I do not believe in religious discrimination & I do think that a person can stand silently & respectfully in the midst of others as they worship in the manner in which they are accustomed & in which they believe. She did choose to go to China & enter into their world & culture & at the very least I think she should have stood silently & quietly honoring & respecting their beliefs, traditions & customs.

So, there you have it.......my opinion after one episode. I really like the one guy.....I can not think of his name, but I do remember that he said he is a grave digger by trade. Big buff guy. He seems to be a hard worker; the strong silent type. I think he knows that keeping your head down & mouth shut, working hard & diligently until getting to know people a little better is sometimes the wise choice.

Well, suppose we will all tune in again next week, huh? Can't wait to hear what everyone else thought!

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