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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A must have for your packing list!

Well, we are finally home after being away for about ten days. We went to Columbia, Lake of the Ozarks, Roachport etc. visiting friends & family. We had a lot of fun. It is always good to be home though. We hiked a lot & did a lot of outdoor activities....they were all so nice, but all along we were both constantly longing for our Mia to be with us! That just goes along with everything we do these days & I assume it won't change & will only get worse until we bring her home.

Speaking of bringing Mia home........what does everyone think about the latest update of the dates on the CCAA's website?!?! Could they move any slower? I guess they could, so I shouldn't ask that, but GOSH! It seems like they have to surely be about done with November. I just keep telling myself that once they get through November we are going to see a huge speed up! Am I kidding myself? Does anyone know if the Hague Treaty will have any effect on the amount of children available for adoption? Will this treaty make more orphanages open up to make their children available for International Adoption?

Okay, now for the must have for your packing list: It is "Downey Wrinkle Release Spray". This stuff is AMAZING! If you haven't tried it, give it a test run! I am compulsive about ironing at times, especially when living out of a suitcase. So, on a whim & a total impulse buy I picked up the travel size while on a quick Wal-Mart run. You really won't believe it. You pull your item out of the suitcase, spray on the solution tug the seams at the sides & from the top & bottom a couple of times, lay the article of clothing over a chair or from a hanger to dry briefly & there you have it wrinkle free! We did not break out an iron the entire ten days we were off & living out of a suitcase & for me that is unbelievable! This stuff is great & we will definitely be taking the big bottle with us to China! Every morning when we would use it we just couldn't believe how great it worked. It was like magic! Anyway, it is so worth the money for any trip when you will be in a hurry & living out of a suitcase & you don't want to break the iron out! I just had to pass on this tip to all of you waiting families!

I am struggling with allergies & haven't felt well at all. Been sleeping off & on most of the day today. I am not even a napper generally, much less a daytime sleeper off & on all day, but today I did good to get anything accomplished. If I had a dollar for every time I have sneezed......... Thomas brought me home some Claritin-D, plus I have been taking Benadryl & Ibuprofen for the headache. I can at least hold my head up now, so I am feeling a little better.

Well, for those of you who watch tonight is "Big Brother". I hate it that I get sucked into those crazy reality shows, but I must admit that I do. Plus, tonight starts the next round of "The Biggest Loser" & I have watched that in the past, so I am sure I will be tuned in for that. I noticed that they are both on at the same time, so I will be putting the ol' DVR to work. Gotta love that DVR!

Well, now that the Claritin-D seems to be kicking in a little I better get some laundry done. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.

Oh & I must mention to that I went on a little shopping spree for all things pink while we were gone.......I hit the Columbia Goodwill just to check out if they had anything that we couldn't pass up. Well, someone had dropped off TONS of adorable, lots of brand new with the tags, precious little girl items. Oh my.......there were some real gems. I bought lots & lots of items in new & perfect condition! I am washing them all up this afternoon getting them ready to pack away. Another Rubbermaid Tub down to add to the stacks of them already piled up in the garage.....keeps me busy anyway! My family & friends keep telling me that we will have to change Mia's clothes every hour for her to ever be able to wear all of those cloths! OOOOPS! Well, it's fun & like I said it makes me feel like I am doing something other than just waiting with nothing keeping me busy!


AdoptionMama said...

Hello! I happened upon your blog, and I enjoy reading your posts. You remind me of me when I was waiting...lots of clothes for the little girl! It has been almost three years since we came home, and she is still wearing some of the clothes for the first time...because I bought up to about size 5t! There was definitely things she never ended up wearing, but I agree with you- it kept me busy and my mind a little less on the waiting! (Secret...I also love Big Brother, and I am headed down to watch tonight's episode on Tivo!) Best wishes to you..and remember every day brings you one day closer to your daughter!!!

Jennifer Frey- Adoption Mama

Tamara said...

Omigosh, what a find for baby clothes!

The Hague should not speed up the process: it actually means nations need to focus on promoting domestic adoption, but I think we'll see a more days referred this winter anyhow (more orphanages were added a few months ago and those babies are just now being referred, and there are less people logged in). Not as fast as we'd like, but still, a speedup.