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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy "Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Day"!

To Share One Moon

(Thanks to Amy; Momma of Jadyn for parts of this information/post!)

Happy Mid Autumn Moon Festival Day! And to think, you didn't even know it was a holiday! September 25, 2007 marks the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and is the second most important holiday in the Chinese culture. The Chinese Moon Festival is very much like Thanksgiving in North America. Families join together and admire the bright, full moon, while eating sweet moon cakes and enjoying one another's company. Under this full moon friendships are renewed, families are reunited, and long lost lovers find their way back to each other. Under the bright moonlight, the families toast each other, enjoy family togetherness and wish peace for everyone. Familes also reflect on those family members that cannot be with them on this special night. If only for a brief time, they can be joined together by looking at the same moon. It's a time for reflection on the bounty of the harvest, loved ones and to wish families and friends well. This holiday is celebrated by nearly everyone in China, both young and old, rich and poor. There are many legends and myths from thousands of years ago, but as time has passed, families celebrate much like we celebrate Thanksgiving, with food, family and friends and thankfulness. Chances are, tomorrow, many a birth mother and father will celebrate this very special Chinese holiday. Teaching our Mia Chinese culture will be important to us, while still teaching her from a Christian perspective as well. Quite likely, one day Mia's birth parents will gaze at the moon while celebrating this holiday and they will reflect on family both near and far. Something in my heart tells me that her birthmother will long to know if she is okay. She will think of that very small bundle that she so unselfishly walked away from and wonder where she is, is she safe & if she is cared for? Having a mother's heart myself, tears fill my eyes as I reflect on the uncertainty she will have in her heart. So, as we celebrate today & for our future this prayer seems so appropriate.
"Father, you are the Creator of all things. The earth, the sun and the moon are Yours. Thank you for the blessing of these children. As we look at the moon that You placed in the heavens, we ask You to bless these children's birth families, but especially Father, wrap the birth mother's in Your arms tonight. Lord, we pray that if tears fell from their eyes or will fall from any birth mother's eyes in the future as they do what they feel in their hearts that they must & that is best, that as they look to the moon, that You will dry their tears. Father, we pray that they will find comfort in You and You alone. As it is only from You that we find perfect peace. Help them to know in their hearts that these children are cared for and loved so very much. Give them a perfect peace that passes all understanding. Father, you allowed them to give us the most perfect gift - the gift of these children and for this gift we will be eternally grateful. Thank You for this gift." We will reflect on family, both far and near, on "family" in China that we will be forever linked to and on all God's blessings. So, if you happen to notice that beautiful full moon, say a prayer of peace and thanksgiving.

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