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Friday, August 3, 2007

Waiting for our official L.I.D........

Now, we wait some more...........we are waiting for our official log in date from the CCAA. Even though we know that the CCAA (the organization that handles Chinese Adoptions) has our Dossier in their hands we still have to wait until they notify our agency of our official log in date. Theoretically, our Dossier was logged in shortly after they received it. However, until we get that date officially, the countdown of our wait time doesn't start. All of this time we have spent running this marathon, better known as the "paper chase" doesn't count! We have been told that it can take the CCAA a couple of weeks to a couple of months to notify your agency of the official date. Even though we know we have been waiting all of this time & proceeding this whole time, the CCAA doesn't begin to count us as a waiting family until we are officially logged in. Everything rides on our log in date. We will receive our referral based on this date. Receipt of your log in date is a big day! We are planning a celebration for when we get it! That day will be a culmination of many, many months preparation! We will let you know!

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