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Friday, August 3, 2007

HAPPY "D.T.C."!!!!!

On Monday, July 16th, 2007 our agency facilitator said to us what was music to our ears. Our "paper chase" had ended, our Dossier had been reviewed & re-reviewed & it was found to be in perfect form & that it would be leaving via courier service that afternoon & would finally be CHINA BOUND! Soon after, we received a tracking number from our agency so that we could log on to the courier service's website online & watch our Dossier make its journey. It made its way across the country & half way around the world! We watched the times & locations change with great anticipation as it moved from one state to the other ultimately ending up in China!! On China time, it arrived Thursday, July 19th, 2007! (obviously, our time this occurred on Wednesday as they are a full day ahead of us) We were so happy to finally know that it was there! Thomas came home from work & had a "HAPPY D.T.C." (Dossier to China or Date to China) card awaiting him with a special message from Mia & Mommy. We went out to a local restaurant for dinner to celebrate this milestone that brought us one step closer to bringing our daughter home! We then returned home & watched a DVD that we had purchased called "China's Lost Girls", a documentary that followed along with several families on their journey to bringing their babies home. It also discusses China's "One child policy" & visited many other issues surrounding International Adoption.

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