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Friday, August 3, 2007

Looking to our future........

In the months to follow we grew more excited as with each passing day our daughter continued to grow in our hearts. We mailed in our I-600A; petition to adopt an orphan & soon thereafter received in the mail our invitation from the Department of Homeland Security to be fingerprinted. We went & completed our fingerprinting process & a little over approximately three months later on June 23rd, 2007 we received our I-171H in the mail. This form was our approval that our fingerprints had been cleared on all levels & that our initial petition to adopt an orphan had been granted & that the petition had been forwarded onto the American Consulate or Embassy in Guangzhou, China. This was a great day! On June 26th, 2007 we went to our Secretary of State with our entire Dossier to have the State Seal placed on all of our notarized documents. From there, we hired a private courier to hand deliver our Dossier to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago to have their seal placed on our documents. We sent our Dossier via Fed-Ex on June 26th, 2007 to the courier that we hired. (I had a slight bit of anxiety about handing over our Dossier to the Fed-Ex clerk. I knew it was something that needed to happen in order to move forward, but that stack of documents was something so much more to us! However, sealed with lots of love, a kiss & a prayer we handed them over!) Our courier was great! He called to confirm that he had received it & hand delivered our Dossier to the Consulate in Chicago on the following day June 27th, 2007. He called to let us know on July 3rd, 2007 that he had picked it up from the consulate & mailed in back to our agency in Texas in the overnight pre-paid Fed-Ex envelope that we had supplied & that all was well! YAY! Our agency confirmed receipt of our Dossier in their office on Thursday, July 5th, 2007. Our agency worked diligently during the next week making the final preparations for our "DTC"; also known as Dossier or Date to China!

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