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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Comfort during the wait.........

If anyone is interested I just wanted to mention that "You Tube" is such an awesome resource for so many things. Obviously, for us right now we are so into all things adoption related that this is our reference for the purpose of this post..... One day I was just doing some "surfing" on the web for all things adoption related & decided to check out "You Tube" to see what it might have. WOW, was I surprised! If you go to "You Tube", just http://www.youtube.com/ & in the "search" box type in either "China adoptions", "China Gotcha Day", China adoption stories" etc. you will get lots & lots of hits. Some are short, some are long, some are funny & most all are so, so moving! Most often these are the actual videos of many special moments put together to documents a specific families journey. Our favorite right now are the ones that do such a great job of documenting right down to that fateful moment when their little one is placed in their arms for the first time. This is always, no matter how many times Thomas & I watch a new video of that fateful "Gotcha" moment, so comforting for us. It helps us to know that this is really going to happen for us & that even though some days the wait seems difficult that it will be so worth it when Mia is in our arms! Anyway, whatever your passion check out You Tube. If you are so inclined & have the time, check out a "Gothca" moment or two! Promise, you won't be disappointed!

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