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Monday, January 21, 2008

My Granny's Service...

Yesterday was my Granny's service & it was absolutely perfect. I took TONS of photos, I will send just a few to share with you. I have to tell you that the pastor that did her service was absolutely the best that any of us had ever heard!! It really was a beautiful service & was such in honor of Granny's life. The pastor who did an excellent sermon spoke of her "home going" & "her rewards"; not once did he mention death or dying. It was a wonderful message. We had a slide show of her life, thee hymns, a poem my Mom wrote that when I get the copy I will share with you-it was AMAZING & a letter that my Aunt wrote to Granny that was read as well. The day could not have been any more of a tribute to her life; we were all SO pleased & most important we know Granny loved it too! The Pastor told us afterwards that he has done hundreds of services & ours today wasn't the biggest & or the fanciest, but that he wanted us to know that he is not sure out of all of the services that he has ever done that he had ever been to one where he felt the amount of love that was there in that room today. That meant a lot. Also, he said he has never conducted a service where there were that many grandkids & great grandkids & that every single one of us was in attendance.....it was nice. After the service, my Grandma ("MeMa") had reserved a private room at a local restaraunt in J.C., so we all went & ate together, watched a video & fellowshipped. Around 4PM we left there, Thomas & I found a great coffee shop across from the courthouse so that he & I could have a few minutes alone & then we went on to Fulton to my aunt's where we met some of our family.

"We love you & miss you already Granny!"


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Tamara said...

I'm sorry for your family's loss, but I'm glad the service was so nice for everyone.