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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thanks Jim, Maureen & Melissa!

These are finally the pictures of the chopsticks set that the nicest people that we met at the Dumpling Festival some months back gave to us. They bid on & won an item at the silent auction; a cooking lesson by a Chinese Specialty Chef in their home. With this came this set of chopsticks. Jim, Maureen & Melissa said that they already had several sets & that they would like us to have this one. We were just overwhelmed with gratitude & thankful for their generousity & kindness! We will never forget it. Thanks again Jim, Maureen & Melissa! By the way, how was that cooking lesson?


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LowAry's said...

The pleasure was all ours! We hope the wait goes quickly for you all, and as for the cooking classes we will do that in Jan at Hsiao-Mei's house, so that should be fun.

Best wishes,

-- Jim, Maureen, and Melissa Mei-Li Shan-Xia