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Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Retail Therapy"

Well, if this isn't evidence of my "retail therapy" I don't know what is! HA! These top three photos are of just SOME of our Rubbermaid containers of Miss Mia's clothes, toys, books, shoes etc. that are stacked in our garage. The two here are of her bumper for her crib. We will do her room around these colors red/white gingham, black accents, white & a light green & LadyBugs ofcourse.

This picture is Home Interiors. I actually purchased it on Ebay months & months ago when we were paperchasing. Saw it, loved it & bought it all in a day. Not sure where we will put it, but I thought Mia would like it as much as we do.
I will take some of the cutsie things out at some point & get some close up shots for you to "oooh & ahhh" over when I get a chance, but I thought this for now would give you some idea of what I am up to when I say "retail therapy"!


Brandi said...

I LOVE that picture. I have a fascination with pandas. I'm gonna have to check out the Home Interiors website!

Journey to Mia said...

ha ha ha ha looks like our Mia's pile of stuff!!! Glad to see I am not the only one who feels better after some retail therapy! Just wait until you are a year in and see how much stuff you have accumulated! Holy Cow it piles up quick! Mia won't know what to do with all her stuff!!!