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Monday, December 24, 2007

Note from our agency....

We received a note from our agency. They told us that currently the wait is 24 months. People who have LID's of 02/06 still have like 75 LID's to get to before them & they are already at a wait of 22 months?!?!?!? So, with that in mind how can "24 months" even be close to accurate!?!?! I mean, c'mon.....we all know that the CCAA isn't going to get through 75 LID's in two months, right? In the same note we were also told that with a LID of 07/20/07 that we should expect a wait of 20 months. YAY, only 15 months to go.......NOT! I just can't imagine that. She broke it all down & talked about "heavy months & light months & attrition" etc. I don't know.....maybe they know something that we all do not, but realistically I just can't wrap my head around these predictions. I would LOVE to believe it, but how can I? I feel like I would just be sitting myself up for a big ol' dissapointment later down the road. If her "20 months" statement were true, & we don't think it is accurate, but if it were, then that would mean we could expect a referral in March 2009. At this point March 2010 would be a surprise, much less 2009! (However, I would love March as that is Thomas's b-day month, plus the weather would be pretty decent too.......who am I kidding!?!?! I don't care. Whenever; 10 degrees or 110 in the shade we just want to bring our daughter home~)

Well, I just thought I would share this with you all. Please "comment" & let us know what you are thinking about all of this. I am sure I can guess anyway, but share away!



Journey to Mia said...

I don't think I got this email from Kim... I think it is a bunch of crap too.... They would have to start doing 60 days per month... Do you see that happening any time soon? I don't! ugh.

Brandi said...

I have to agree...I don't see it happenin' (Although it sounds like a good idea to me :)

Don't believe it...you'll just set yourself up for disappointment :(

brendadan912 said...

I saw your note about blog on RQ's website and I am also a waiting parent for our baby in China. I read RQ's website everyday and its depressing about the wait. I hope that things speed up after the Olympics. We are logged in 9/18/06 but I don't know how many more years that means. Hopefully, it will be quicker and you will get your baby soon. I have a friend that works for our agency and she is hopeful that it will speed up after the Olympics. We have a biological son how is 4 1/2 and that is all the kids we could have. We always knew we wanted to adopt so I keep up the hope for a daughter. Please feel free to email me anytime!! We live in Michigan. Thanks!!
Email: Brendadan912@yahoo.com