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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not the 19th~

Referrals came & it looks like we made it through the fifteenth. In my previous post I had wished aloud that we would get to the nineteenth. Maybe I should have kept my wishes to myself, huh? We were through the ninth, so I guess we can mark off six days. Well, at least that is something, at least we have continued forward movement~slow as it may be. The referrals that I have been fortunate to see this round are all so sweet, as always. Congratulations to all of the families who are just seeing their babies face for the first time. Here's hoping that your travel approval come quickly!

Tomorrow will be Thomas's third day in his new position in his new market. He has called me many times since arriving & is doing well. He is not too fond of hotel living. He will be glad when we can make the big move, we can both be in the same state again & we can begin the process of settling into our new place.

Tomorrow is more organizing, packing, phone calls & errands for me. Off to bed for now.

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