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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brief update~

I gave my official resignation at work today. That really made me realize that this is really happening! We are so ready though & so excited!

Thomas has been in contact with his new region's HR department. He is scheduled to start in Illinois September 27th! NO KIDDING! Isn't that right around the corner? At first they said something like the 15th!!! Oh my! Obviously, we won't be totally ready to move by then, so we are not totally sure how this will all play out just yet. However, his company has an awesome relocation division that seems to so far be ready to handle just about everything that you can imagine for us...from selling our house for us to finding us a new one to moving us & on & on! They apparently do it all.

I am off now for a few days. It will be nice to be able to sit down & make a game plan with Thomas as to everything that we need to accomplish & when. We are just going to sit the priorities & go from there. It will all work out fine.

We don't know anything yet from Terry (SIL/possible surrogate) yet either, but it should be in just a couple of days when we will know something. We will definitely know at the latest Sunday, but probably before then.

We did find out that they don't plan to actually grand open Thomas's store until March 2009. He will get an office in the market office there in a near by town so that he can start conducting interviews.

That is about it for now. I will let you know more as we find out more details.

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