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Sunday, July 20, 2008

One year ago today...

Well, we have reached a milestone of sorts today I suppose. One year ago today the CCAA in China logged in our Dossier & our wait for our Mia officially began. We are not "celebrating" this day. Not really a conscious choice not to do so, we have recognized that today is one year & we talked about it & are very thankful that we are one year closer than we were before. However, that will be the extent of it. Every day we long for her, every day we think about her & pray for her, every day we wonder how much longer & every day we are ridden with anxiety in regards to all of the uncertainty these days with China Adoption. My point? Today is no different. All of those things are just the same.

We are having a very good weekend. Thomas & I are both off. We are enjoying our time together very much. We went to our local farmer's market yesterday where we walked around & purchased some produce & some other goodies. Then we hit the coffee shop. We got coffee & bagels. We found a bench there on the square & enjoyed our breakfast. We visited with some people that we ran into that we knew. We came home & watched a movie & then grilled out last evening. It is great having Thomas back at home.

Some friends from a local waiting group are in China now & finally have their sweet little Lindley. http://lindleybuchanan.blogspot.com/ You can go here to their blog & read a little about their first meeting & see a couple of photos. They haven't posted much as they have said, "We have been busy being parents." So understandable! However, they have taken the time to keep us posted on how things are going. Congratulations Buchanan Family!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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