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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just checking in...

Not a lot to post about today...just thought that I would check in. Things are going well with us. I will be picking up more hours at work in the coming weeks. They are short handed & since we are still childless there is not really any reason that I can't be out of the home a little more often & pick up some more shifts at the hospital, so I did. Plus, it is nice to have the extra income so we can save a little more back. The only reason that I had cut back on my hours a few months ago was in preparation to stay home with "Emma Kate". Since she is not with us, I will be working more again...for a little while anyway.

We are getting closer & closer to our big day. It won't be long now before our surrogate will have the first insemination. We are so excited & so grateful. The truth is, we have no expectations. Honestly, we are just so grateful for each day that we are blessed to be able to have so many feelings of excitement & anticipation. We are so thankful to have hope once again. We are thrilled to be able to look ahead to our future & know that there is a chance that our greatest dream may actually come true. For these things, we are so, so grateful. For now, that is enough. We are taking each day as it comes, one at a time. We are hoping soon to have very "positive" news to share with you all!

I just got finished working out. Whew! It is so hot. It was ridiculous hot here today anyway. Our air conditioner is cranking & I had the fan on me while I was on the treadmill & I am still soaked in sweat. I went to a few garage sales this morning in search of a great bargain that I just couldn't live without...& what do you know~I found a few! Ha. I got so hot by about 10AM, I threw in the towel on that agenda & headed to Wal-Mart. We have a week off in early August & we are headed to see my family. They live by a huge touristy area with a major lake. We are going to do some fishing, swimming, BBQ'ing etc. I needed a new swimsuit to take along. While recently in the Dominican Republic we realized that mine was a little thin in the derriere region! Ooops! You could about see right through the darn thing. I have a couple, but that one was my favorite. So, I wanted to find another one that I really liked. Then, after Wal-Mart I went to Maurices & bought a couple of new outfits. Guess I was in a shopping mood. I am a big second hand shopper. I don't generally buy brand new, at least where clothes are concerned, unless it is for a special event. Well, along my weight loss journey I have pretty much gotten rid of a lot of my clothes as they were too big. I just don't have a lot of summer items that aren't just t-shirts & capris or workout wear. You know, stuff that is just fine for around the house or a trip to the grocery store, but not so great for an evening out with your hubby or your friends. So, I bought a few things today that I am really happy with. I was feeling like a slouch always wearing t-shirts, so I broke down & made a few purchases.

We had major flooding here in our town just a couple of nights ago! We got something like eight inches just over night. It was awful. So many people's homes were flooded. We had many city streets & main roads closed with water up over the road. One of the local parks was completely flooded. There was water up over top of the picnic tables! They are calling for rain for the next five to six days. We just feel so badly for the families that have been affected. We have a garden that is suffering terribly. However, it is not a crop that we rely on to feed our family necessarily or provide monetary income for us. There are so many that have crops & farms that are a source of income & food for their families. They have so much invested. I can only imagine what that must feel like to be helpless in regards to the weather only to be able to stand by & watch it happen. Our thoughts & prayers are with all those who are suffering at the hands of Mother Nature right now!

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