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Monday, August 18, 2008

Onto the next round...

As of today it appears that we are not pregnant this month. (Sister in law called this AM) That's okay...Onto the next month. It would have been great, but the specialist tells us on average that it takes about three months with this process & that there is a learning curve that comes every month that is most often helpful. So, with that we move on. We have talked at length & are in the process of coming up with our game plan for our next cycle. We have a pretty good idea of what might have happened & are gathering our plan as to what we will do differently this time. We will speak with the doctor, get her input & decide for sure the best way to proceed. We will do this tomorrow as it will be time before we know it to try again, probably in about nine-twelve days. So, it won't be long.

For now, that is about it really here at our place. My niece Maddie will start 4th grade on Wednesday. How exciting! Good luck Madison! We know you will do so wonderful! You are a super star & Uncle Thomas & I are so, so proud of you!

Okay, more later.

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