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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seven months down...

"Happy seven month LID to us!" It never feels good for me; these milestones I mean. It is so bittersweet. To be honest, all I can think of lately is the fact that when we started this process & that one day I remember so well when I asked, "How long?" I was told "around nine months". I remember the very moment very vividly, like it was yesterday! I remember thinking how terrible a nine month wait would be, but was able to rationalize it in my mind thinking, "this will be no different than a normal gestational period for a biological pregnancy...I can do this!" Now, what I would give for someone to tell me nine months! None the less, we have seven months behind us & are that much closer to our Mia & for that I am happy & thankful. Looking ahead that is all that I can focus on is Mia; not the wait or anything that comes with it, except our daughter & our beautiful family at the end of all of this.

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